2/2/13: Practice Update

Today’s practice was another scrimmage where each pitcher was forced to accumulate 12 outs with a runner starting on first in each “large” inning. I am seeing some amazing things out of Chelsea Wilkinson and it has me beyond excited! To put it plainly, her pitches are moving, she has added velocity, and she didn’t give up but one hit all day today–even though I think the runner was out at first on the one hit she did supposedly give up! She is mentally prepared for each and every batter and offensive situation and that girl can field a bunt better than any pitcher I have seen in a while! Keep up the good work, Wilk! I still cannot wait to see Chelsea take on fellow North Carolinian SEC-rookie, Lexi Davis, when they face off against Auburn this year! I will certainly have to make the drive south for that!

Two-time North Carolina Gatorade POY Chelsea Wilkinson, now a UGA freshman, poses for a photo during her high school career. (Courtesy Georgiadogs.com)

The offense from the freshmen looked pretty dang good today too! Cricket was either 3-3 or 3-4 and Iosefa was 2-3 on the day at the plate. Both of these girls were seeing the balls like beach balls today and were hitting the ball hard! Cricket had an RBI triple and two singles, while Iosefa had two scorching singles up the middle. Good to add that senior Christine Olney had a pair of hits today too!

Sito looked good overall today in the scrimmage and saw time in the circle and at second base. Tess made one of the quickest plays today I have seen out of her ever! A ball was hit to her up the middle and took a strange hop, and she somehow snagged the ball and got the lead runner at second. Geri Ann started off pitching and was throwing harder than usual, or so it seemed, but her defense was letting her down early and it seemed like she was pitching for hours, haha! Just joking, but it did take the defense a good 5-7 batters to get in rhythm! Although, early on, Wilson made a ranging play at SS to barely throw out LaZear at first base and the girls were so pumped! It seems like the girls are genuinely excited! I cannot wait to see all of these young ladies in action!

I cannot wait for everyone to see the new LED video jumbotron! It’s awesome! It is only six days away until first pitch! As always, Go Dawgs!


2 thoughts on “2/2/13: Practice Update

    • Lu frequently will alternate hitting balls to Swafford and Cricket during defense practice, and it seems that Swafford is rattled at the fact that she is having to compete with a rookie. Cricket has me fired up as of late, as she has gone a perfect 6-6 in her last 6 AB’s and hit a long ball off of Geri Ann this week at practice. I think it is still a close call, but maybe Cricket is going to get the start now, who knows?

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