First Pitch is Almost Here!

Are you dawg softball fans starting to get excited? It is officially less than 24 hours until first pitch will take place between Georgia and Elon in the 6th Annual Red & Black Classic. Before that game, Elon and Ohio State will square off at 12:30 PM, so get there early, grab a seat and some concessions, and enjoy a full day/weekend of NCAA softball. As always, admission is free and there will be autograph signings after the games.

There are so many things to be excited about in 2013, and while I am extremely excited to see Sito, Montemayor, and Wilson return with some NCAA experience, the hype is built around this stellar freshmen class. I would think it is safe to assume that Sito and LaZear will be at the top of the batting order, combining for speed and power. This will put a lot of pressure on the opposing defenses. I think the power in the line-up will come in the 3-4-5 spots, most likely Wilson, Glasco, and Iosefa if I had to take a wild guess. That is a TON of power back-to-back-to-back.

It will also be extremely interesting to see if the two rookie pitchers, Glasco and Wilkinson, can make the transition from high level club ball to the NCAA level. I have a lot of confidence in these two, and it helps that both girls have had two great weeks of intersquad games to prepare them for tomorrow.

I will cut tonight’s post short as I am currently watching all of tonight’s game online! Call me a softball junkie but I am so ready for tomorrow to get here so I can see the Red & Black in action FINALLY.

As always, Go Dawgs!


2 thoughts on “First Pitch is Almost Here!

  1. Can you get some video today of the game(s) since UGA doesn’t stream these early season games. If you can’t post them here maybe you can post them on youtube. I’d love to see the new lineup in action.

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