Tina Iosefa Earns SEC Freshman of the Week!

It was announced on Wednesday by the Southeastern Conference that Tina Iosefa had earned  Freshman of the Week honors after her dominating performance at the plate against Georgia Tech and Auburn. It is so awesome to see that Tina is being rewarded for all of the hard work she has put in with Gerry to improve her swing. This kid is something special and has some absolutely monstrous power at the plate. In the four games Georgia played this week, Iosefa went 6-13 with 3 HR and 7 RBI. With her third shot of the week and second against Auburn, Tina Iosefa tied herself with former Bulldog catcher, Kristyn Sandberg, for the Georgia all-time rookie long ball mark. Iosefa started out a little slow to get the season going, but has been absolutely unstoppable over the past 2-3 weeks! Iosefa has hit 8 bombs in her last 11 games played, and the balls she are hitting aren’t ones that are falling right over the fence. She has been absolutely hurting the ball and has hit several shots that have been almost Bustos-like, no joke!

Tina Iosefa leads Georgia in home runs with nine on the season.

Tina Iosefa leads Georgia in home runs with nine on the season. (Courtesy GeorgiaDogs.com)

While it is exciting to see a young slugger like Tina flex her muscles against some tough opponents, it is even more exciting to see that she is making adjustments, trusting the coaching staff, and learning to adapt at the next level up from travel ball. I have seen her hit home runs off of good drop balls that appear to fall off the table. I have seen her hit the rise ball a long ways several times. I have seen her absolutely crush change-ups and backdoor pitches, too. She seems to be seeing everything that opposing pitchers throw her and that is what gets me pumped! I cannot wait to see how Tina does as the season moves along!

When Tina and Kaylee were up to bat this weekend, I screamed as loud as I could:

“It’s Firecracker time!”

As soon as the words left my mouth, Tina hit a shot about 260+ feet over the left field wall. So, it was only natural that I said it again when Kaylee stepped up to bat since she also played for a Firecrackers team in travel ball. It couldn’t have been more perfect as Kaylee promptly blasted a solo shot to right field. From then on, and perhaps for the rest of the season, my fellow fans and I will be doing our Firecrackers chant for the two island sluggers! It’s superstition now so we absolutely have to! 😀

Go Tina!!! You earned it, girl!!!

As always, Go Dawgs!


Tina Iosefa playing 1st base in a game at Jack Turner Stadium.

Tina Iosefa playing 1st base in a game at Jack Turner Stadium. (Courtesy The Red&Black)


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