No, I Did Not Jump Off a Cliff…

I am alive and well.

No, I did not jump off a cliff after the Arkansas series. πŸ˜‰

I would like to apologize for just now getting a chance to log in to the blog and update things. For the Easter holiday, I was back home visiting my parents and had a horrible internet connection and was unable to update things. It was a rough week in Arkansas for us Dawg fans as the ladies were swept by the Hogs. This game is half mental and half talent, meaning the girls have to be gritty and really bear down and prepare for the upcoming series with Tennessee, as well as for the mid-week rivalry match-up against Georgia Tech!

Our performance against Arkansas, both the hitting and the pitching, were lackluster. But, I have utter confidence that with the girls being back in Athens and having learned from a set of heartbreaking losses to the Hogs, that they will come out fighting all week with a do or die mentality.

Congratulation to Tess Sito on being picked 16th overall in the NPF draft and being selected to the Akron Racers!

In the next 24 hours, I will have an article up with details about the NPF draft and Sito’s selection to the Racers.

Whether it is good, bad, or downright ugly, it is our job to back the Bulldogs through thick and thin. With an extremely young squad in 2013, there are going to be a fair share of bumps in the road, but it is nice to have such a stiff opponent coming into Athens this weekend in order to get an accurate read of how well this team can rebound in the face of adversity.

Once again, sorry for the late updates and lack of overall coverage from the Arkansas series. All-in-all, I would not mind trashing all of my memories of that series and starting fresh, lol…

As always, Go Dawgs!


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