NPF Dawgs

     Below is the list of former University of Georgia players who are playing or who have played in the National Pro-Fastpitch League! Go Dawgs! Welcome to the Hall of Fame!! 🙂














TESS SITO : Akron Racers (2013-Present)


ALISA GOLER : Chicago Bandits (2011 NPF Rookie of the Year) (2011-Present)


BRIANNA HESSON : Akron Racers (2011-Present)


MEGAN WIGGINS : Chicago Bandits (2011-Present)


 KRYSTIN SANDBERG : USSSA Pride (2012 NPF Rookie of the Year) (2012-Present)

TAYLOR SCHLOPY : Akron Racers (2011-Present)

ERIN AREVALO : Akron Racers (2012 Present)

Kristin Schnake : Tennessee Diamonds (2010-Present)

Nicole Barber : Washington Glory

Kim Wendland : Rockford Thunder

Michelle Green : Arizona Heat

Kelly Middleton : Akron Racers (2007-2008)

Megan McAllister : Philadelphia Force (2007)


10 thoughts on “NPF Dawgs

    • There was a glitch in my coding that was leaving Schnake off of the list…in terms of the NPF, this should be the complete list, yes? Am I having a brain fart? Thanks for your comment.

      • NOPE – these ladies were 1st AA from UGA and still have UGA records Kim Wendland and Michelle Green – can’t remember teams and I know Nicole Barber played for The Glory for 2 years which is now the Pride. Glory won the championship in 2007 I think or maybe 2008.

  1. I was aware that Wendland and Green had went on to play temporarily in the professional league, but I am trying to mainly focus on recent players and players who are currently in the newly formatted and constantly growing NPF!

    • “… or who have played in the National Pro Fastpitch League” … That would include all former players if I’m not mistaken.

      Barber – Washington Glory
      Wendland – Rockford Thunder
      Green – Arizona Heat

      The reason programs like Alabama, UCLA, Arizona, etc. are so successful at having a strong alumni base is that they incorporate the ENTIRE history of the program. They have support from top to bottom, whereas Georgia has a mentality of “what have you done for me lately.”. Someone had to help build the program to wear it was to land recruits like Schlopy, Hesson, Goler, Wiggins, Sanderg, etc. Just sayin’ … Take it for what it’s worth.

      • I 100% agree with you on this point, and to be honest, I didn’t know Barber had played with Glory. I will be sure to get all three of them on here with a photo today. Thanks a lot!

  2. Barber played 2-years with Glory and Glory won championship their first season, also played in Italy. The stats on these 3 ladies are as great as any of the above mentioned and as one post said I’m sure they along with all the players helped UGA get noticed when it came time to recruit. You could ask Coach and I’m sure she will have a big smile. If u want to see where they rank compared to past or current players just look at the history then u will get some idea how good they were.

  3. McAllister, Megan – Georgia – Philadelphia Force, 2007
    Middleton, Kellie – University of Georgia – Akron Racers, 2007-08

    Some others that were missed… History is important. —> Comprehesive list of players that have played in the NPF (Includes WPSL, NPF, 2001 WPSL All-Stars, 2001 WPSL Gold and 2003 NPF All-Stars)

    Hope this helps.

    • And the list keeps going and going! I really should have followed UGA softball when Middleton, Wendland, etc. all played. I totally missed out and have heard lots of great stories!

      I will eat both of these young ladies added sometime today! Thanks, Shannon!

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